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News Zeppelin 2023

Sustainable Planet wants to raise awareness of innovative technologies, products and companies. Today, it is increasingly possible to replace materials with eco-friendly alternatives without having to compromise. The Sustainable Planet programme aims to inspire people to be more open to such alternatives and to enable them to see a green future characterised by progress instead of austerity.

Introducing the Bear Grylls AIR series

This robust and elegant watch is specified, checked and approved by Grylls himself.

Luminox X Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls is the world’s most recognized face of survival and outdoor adventure, having spent his career in the wild, navigating some of the most extreme landscapes on earth and coming out of the most dangerous situations alive and unharmed. Today, Swiss Made watch brand Luminox is announcing a long-term partnership with Bear Grylls and the introduction of the first timepieces.

Airship to Morocco, or with Zeppelin on the road

Every good man has to have in his pocket… Er, sorry, I forgot that we can hardly have knives with us, not abroad. But what we can and should have is a great quality watch. In the last narrative, I took you to Afghanistan, to the Bagram base. The Zeppelin 7680-1 has become my travel companion and I will now take you to Morocco.

5 Bag Brand You Don't Want to Miss for the Winter Season

Winter is here and with it a new offer from the world's fashion houses: Handbags.

Golden Times for Luminox

The Gold Standard - Since time immemorial, the color used for the highest medals, awards, celebrations of power and achievement, and trophies has always been gold. In the Navy, the trident of the elite SEALs is gold, as are rank stripes and buttons on dress uniforms. Gold symbolizes success, power, and accomplishment.