Iron Annie

For the 30th anniversary, the successful family business POINTtec launched a new brand, Iron Annie. This builds on the tradition of the JUNKERS aircraft with the D-AQUI registration mark by Lufthansa. For this machine, the American name "Iron Annie", or Auntie Auntie, was born. Just like this legendary model, Iron Annie watches are built with robustness, reliability, technical innovation, high-quality processing and stunning design in mind.

Iron Annie Bauhaus


The architecture of Bauhaus is considered to be the myth of modern times. It is an avant-garde link in all areas of free and applied art. The minimalist and clean design of Bauhaus has lost nothing of its fascination and finds a successful recovery in Iron Annie Bauhaus's timeless and beautiful watches.

Iron Annie D-AQUI


The Iron Annie D-AQUI series is at the heart of the Iron Annie watch collection. The lovingly crafted dials highlight the corrugated iron construction of the legendary D-AQUI machine. Pilot watches are masterpieces of watch design and Iron Annie watches are unmistakable among these timekeepers.

Iron Annie cockpit


The cockpit of the D-AQUI aeroplanes with its fascinating displays and instruments still is a very special attraction to man of today. The same fascination is mediated by the watches of the series “Iron Annie Cockpit” through the fine interplay of the dial in cockpit-look with a very sportive casing.

Iron Annie Amazonas Impression

IRON ANNIE Amazonas Impression

The D-AQUI airplane “Iron Annie” flew under the name "Amazonas" within the airline “Transportes Aereos Orientales” in Equador from 1957 to 1963. From there, the D-AQUI airplane transported cargo and passengers throughout the whole Amazonas area with unique impressions over the tropical rainforest. The fascination over the beautiful landscape, the sunrays that reflect in the deep blue water and the fine sand dust are embodied in the warm colors and the fine-grained dials with applied numbers.

Iron Annie Wellblech

IRON ANNIE Wellblech

Wellblech, translated as corrugated metal sheets, is another reference to the external qualities of the D-AQUI, Iron Annie plane. These models form the core and are the main carrier of the design DNA of this German brand whose main feature is the specific shape and the specific dials.

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