Anne Klein - A Star Above Manhattan That Still Shines Today

Anne Klein

Anne Klein was an innovator, a passionate creator and a visionary who helped define the American fashion scene with her brand of the same name.

For nearly 50 years, Anne Klein has been synonymous with American sportswear. In 1968, Anne Klein established a brand that forever changed women's thinking about buying clothes.

Anne Klein thought that women should always feel good about the clothes and accessories they wear. Today, the brand stands for more than meeting women's need for wearing smart and beautiful clothing: it celebrates all aspects of life by providing fashion pieces that are destined to live in the front of her closet.

Anne Klein Watches

Anne Klein was born on August 3, 1923 as Hannah Golofski in Brooklyn, New York. When she married her first husband Ben Klein in 1948, she simplified her first name and adopted his surname.

At the age of 15, she began her career in the fashion industry. Only a few years later, in 1950, she designed her first own fashion collection, as a chief designer in the newly founded company of her first husband.

After her divorce from Ben Klein, she founded the company ANNE KLEIN & Company in 1968 with her second husband, Matthew Rubenstein. The company started out as a sportswear house, but started operating internationally in 1973.

Anne was Zodiac Leo. In this powerful, royal animal, Anne Klein also found inspiration for her well-known lion's head logo, which represented the company ANNE KLEIN in an original and creative way. This special creation of her "lion's head" does not only decorate the ANNE KLEIN label, but is still found today in many of her popular designs.

Anne Klein Logo
Anne Klein 50 years

The years after that, Anne Klein not only won countless important awards for her strikingly tasteful and modern designs but also expanded her renowned fashion label with accessories such as watches, bags, perfume and more with her second husband.

Thus Anne Klein influenced the American fashion market like no other and many well-known designers of her time, asked her for advice and found new impulses for her collections.

Much too early, in 1974, Anne Klein died of cancer. However, she had already provided for her succession. For example, Donna Karan and Dell'Olio, then junior designers at ANNE KLEIN, initially took on the design responsibility for the brand. Later followed names such as Richard Tyler, Patrick Robinson, Kaufman & Franco, Charles Nolan, Isabel Toledo and Sharon Lombardo. They all continue to live the immortal potential of the ANNE KLEIN brand until today.

„Clothes won't change the world. The women who wear them will.“ Anne Klein

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