Green as Trend Color 2019 - We'll show you how to combine it with other pieces

Are you afraid to experiment with colors, and your wardrobe is dominated by basic and simple tones? Here are some tips and inspirations that may make you change your mind. Discover green in different forms on meets.


An excellent addition to all occasions. Green handbags over shoulder you can combine it with a casual outfit while shopping or taking a walk in nature, if you still want to look trendy and do not do without a purse.

Green shirts and half body

It fits to jeans, so beige shorts when it's warm outside. According to the color psychology, green is used to express harmony, balance, calmness and, of course, nature, natural and organic elements. For us the more reason to go out with friends!

Green dresses

Look at this piece. There is nothing to add; with this dress you will be the star of every evening.

Green watches

Green watches are not frequently seen on people's wrists. That is why it is worth considering, as a perfect diversification to an - even non-colored - outfit.

8.4.2019 14:44


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