Under the watch: Jacques Lemans

It's more than 40 years when the Austrian brand Jacques Lemans got from a modest watchmaker to one of Europe's best-selling timekeepers. For its attractive collections, the brand has won global recognition, with famous figures such as Kevin Costner or the world champion of downhill skiing, Anna Veith.

Here we will tell you something about the brand's origin and introduce some of our popular models, so you can choose the watch that best suits you as a complement to your style.

The story of Jacques Lemans

It all started in a small town in Carinthia, Austria, when the two brothers decided to set up a watch brand named Jacques Lemans. From idea to first sketches, from final design to production, marketing and sales, Jacques Lemans creates all of his own resources. That's why Jacques Lemans is the notion of a stable company with decades of tradition and millions of customers all over the world. This watch company is a 100% independent family business that is directly owned by the owners. Leadership consists of the shareholders of Alfred and Norbert Riedl. Watches are a key player in the major European markets and a leader in Austria with its own brand stores. Do you need a helping hand when choosing? Here are six stylish options for you.


Model 1-1117.1VN is a sports chronograph with a quartz movement and a 44 mm diameter of solid stainless steel. The elegant, blue dial with silver elements boasts a clear structure of silver chrono-circles. They show time in the 24-hour format and the seconds or minutes of the stopwatch. The date pointer is skewed between 4:00 and 5:00. The hardened Crystex glass is robust and scratch resistant, the round back cover is screwed. The high-quality, dark blue leather strap with a buckle and water resistance up to 20 ATMs completes this quality timekeeper with a sporty and casual look.


Jacques Lemans 1-1654F is a timeless, elegant piece with a lightweight sporty look that will stand out on every men's wrist. This quartz chronograph is embedded in a 40 mm solid stainless steel case. The brown leather strap fits well with a dark gray and structured dial with pink gold Arab numbers and indexes. The chronograph for these models consists of 24-hour display, minute counter, and stopwatch. The Crystex hardened glass is robust and protects, along with a steel tail cap, up to 10ATM. These sporty, yet stylish watch for everyday wear fascinated us and there is no wonder they are among the world's best-selling brands.

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