Airship to Morocco, or with Zeppelinama on the road.

Every good man has to have in his pocket… Er, sorry, I forgot that we can hardly have knives with us, not abroad. But what we may and should have are great, quality watches. In the last narrative, I took you to Afghanistan, to the Bagram base. The Zeppelin 7680-1 has become my travel companion and I will now take you to Morocco.

Flights to Morocco can often be found in events with a price tag for departing from Prague around 1500 crowns. The price is low, Africa appealing and so it was no other than to collect a bunch of friends and go. What to bring? In my case, it was just a few-day trip, so only a small rucksack aboard, a watch on the hand, a waist and some small things and up to the airport. Ruzyne airport is large, after the necessary checks I wander around Dutty Free shops (I fly outside the EU, why not take advantage of better prices) but nothing very interesting or necessary. Perhaps only a good bottle would go awry, but I'm flying to a Muslim country, having some detox.

I come to X-ray, nice staff, I am asked to put away keys, bags, metal objects, etc. Unfortunately even watches. No, I won't let you roll in the basket. My Zeppelins will be nice to hand where it belongs! Beep, beep… Okay. The X-ray is an uncompromising snitch and the steel body of the watch unprecedentedly revealed. "Do you have a belt and something in your pockets?" "No no, I have a plastic strap, nothing in my pockets, but I have a watch on my hand," I say. They do not want to go to the basket, but they will not miss the security. She is looking at them with interest and I undergo a smear of residues (explosives) and drugs. I think this is a bonus for not following the X-ray instructions. I understand, I humbly accept everything in order and go to the departure flight to the geyser.

The plane from RyanAir, ie Boeing 737-800 is already ready, first priority check-in (these are the ones who will pay several hundreds for being on the plane…) and then we. The back steps, instead of right next to the toilet, sit down, fasten the seat belt, and despite the uncomfortable seats, I acknowledge a little better leg space than other low budgets. The flight to Menara Airport in Marrakech takes four hours. My first fun and leisure time is to take a watch in the aisle. And that suits them. Zeppelins simply belong to the plane. I do not have to adjust time, it is the same in Marrakesh. By the way, it has been almost exactly two months since my last trip to the Bagram base in Afghanistan. Watches I did not adjust. Result? The Ronda is running at 12 seconds. Great!

In Marrakech, after the initial interview (no visa needed), I go to the car rental. The itinerary means that my watch will look both at the Casablanca Ocean and at King Hussein II's 7th largest mosque, as well as at the Jamaa el-Fn markets in Marrakesh. Here you can literally get anything. Well, except for a good watch. But the annoying dealers detonated by rolling up a jacket and showing a wrist, and [Zeppelins] (/shop/b/zeppelin) had something to do with it. The local market is a plethora of guys, no name brands, or sometimes weird crap looking like vintage watch. Do not take… Nevertheless, let me take a few observations and advice at the end:

  • Watch your, don't buy pipes
  • The time was now the same as with us, you don't change
  • In the car rental maximum fuse. Debit cards do not want to take, but after chatting they take an extra 18 Euro… On the card you block about 48000, - crowns, if the car is OK, within a few days you have money back in your account, if not, it takes longer, but insurance covers everything If you take out the best one that usually comes at a similar price as the rental itself. In my case 4 days for the car Peugeot 208 1600 + 1200 fuse.
  • You need strong nerves and eyes everywhere to drive in Morocco. Two-lane means 6 lanes, motorbikes, scooters, here and there camel, donkey, horse, but also 4 other drivers in the opposite direction
  • The horn is the driver's basic tool! Troubím, then I'm going…
  • Everything can be arranged, except for fixed prices in department stores. Start at a quarter of what the seller wants, set a limit that you don't exceed. Feel free to leave, the seller will catch up with you anyway and accept your price. With exceptions
  • The sunken streets are the same, alluring, but not necessarily safe
  • Do not touch the cobra market. They are really alive 
  • Gastronomy - Tajine, Shawerma, meat, sandwiches, salty, sweet… who looks for Mecca upon arrival can skip this point straight
  • Eat where the locals do not worry about street food. Smecta if it sure
  • Humility ... Humility ... Humility
  • In short, to Morocco. Always smiling, a few words in Arabic always helps, opens the heart. Travel without prejudice and always remember to keep an eye on your time so that your plane doesn't fly away…

Thanks for the article to Michal Vosek.

29.1.2020 11:06


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