In 2018, ICE-SAR celebrates its 90th anniversary (1928-2018). For this special occasion, Luminox created a watch in the limited edition ICE-SAR Arctic 1000. The watch is limited to 900 pieces and all watches are individually numbered and in a stainless steel box.


The shape of the ICE-SAR logo - with four circular elements - was the source of inspiration for the shape of the watch case

Inspired by the volcanic landscape of Iceland, the Arctic 1000 series the hard sandblasted dial is a direct interpretation of lava areas that cover 30% of the country. The three hands are inspired by the carabiners used by ICE-SAR rescuers in all missions, and the crown makes a link to the scalloped parts of these carbines.

Luminox ICE SAR mission

Blue and red are the colors of the Icelandic National Flag and are the main colors of this limited edition. At the position of nine o'clock, the index 9 is replaced by 90 years.

Luminox ICE SAR Watch Detail
Luminox ICE SAR

The usual index 12 was replaced by 112 in a eye-catching red color. 112 is an international emergency number that can be called free of charge in case of emergency in a number of countries.

Luminox is proud to work with the ICE-SAR, a historical search and rescue unit, and that this unit has chosen the Luminox watch for its demanding work.

Luminox ICE SAR Team
15.10.2018 16:24


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