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Junkers watches

Given that Junkers watches refer to legendary corrugated aircraft, they are also filled with enthusiasm. They bring an exciting era of aircraft history and, as a model, they represent robustness, endurance and meaningful design.

Hodinky Junkers

Tante JU

Junkers Tante JU

Tante JU This was once considered the safest airplane in the world - the legendary Ju 52, graciously known as "Tante Ju" (Aunt Ju). Eight-year models of this extremely robust and reliable machine are still in operation today. Reliability, technical innovation, high quality workmanship and striking design mean the collection of Tante JU. Every chronograph in this series is a real classic.

Sternwarte Glashütte Chronometr

Sternwarte Glashütte Chronometr

This distinctive series of Junkers watches is certified by the Glashuette Observatory Chronometer. Only watches whose daily average change in measured time remains between two to five seconds can obtain this certificate. It is a guarantee of high precision and world clocking art.


Junkers JU52 D-AQUI

The JU 52 series D-AQUI is the heart of the Junkers collection. Delicately built dials reflect the structure of the wavy sheets of legendary Junkers airliners. They are the masterpiece of watch design and make the JU52 D-AQUI a characteristic of the pilot's watch.

Junkers Bauhaus

Junkers Bauhaus

Hugo Junkers was not only a brilliant engineer, but also a great admirer of Expressionist painting and modern design. He then developed a close and very fertile relationship with the artists of the Bauhaus movement that originated in Dessau. Marcel Breuer's loyal motto: "A good artist works together with a good engineer", Hugo Junkers has embraced the high aesthetic demands of the Bauhaus movement to create his own aircraft

Edition 3 Eurofighter

Edition 3 Eurofighter

The new edition of Junkers Eurofighter excites with its sporty and robust case, crown protection and red push start. As well as hand-finished figures with ornaments, the Valjoux 7750 is also part of the proven Valjoux 7750. This unusual air chronograph is limited to just 1,000 pieces

Eisvogel F13

Eisvogel F13

In the summer of 1923, the Junkers F13 EISVOGEL completed the first flight from Spitsbergen to the North Pole. The EISVOGEL collection was dedicated to this adventurous journey into the heart of the Arctic glacier region. The watch in this series embodies more than ever the tradition of crafts, technical knowledge and sophisticated design.

Mountain Wave Project

Mountain Wave Project

The history of the Mountain Wave project, which we sponsored, tells the story of two courageous airplane pilots flying through Mount Everest (8849 meters) at an ice-cold temperature of -46 ° and, together with the German Air Force (DLR), took the first 3D measurement of the mountain to others identified better rescue routes for climbers. Our extraordinary Junkers automatic chronograph "Mount Everest", designed specifically for this project, has a blue face that reflects the sky that surrounds the highest peak of our country.

Expedice Jižní Amerika

Expedice Südamerika

Inspired by the courageous Junkers expedition from Cuba to Argentina in 1923, this collection of men's and ladies watches radiates a timeless retro charm. High quality materials and exclusive design underline the quality of these exceptional watches

World Timer

JunkersWorld Timer

New York, London or Tokyo. Today at home - tomorrow traveling around the world. JUNKERS Chronograph Worldtimer shows you the exact time in all time zones and is therefore your totally reliable companion.

G38 ED.1

Junkers g38 ed.1

This series recalls the G38, the largest aircraft of its time, and the technical masterpiece by Hugo Junkers. It combines the timeless elegance of retro design with the quality and traditions of crafts: Stylish watches for every occasion.

G38 ED.2


This series recalls the G38, the largest aircraft of its time, and the technical masterpiece by Hugo Junkers. It combines the timeless elegance of retro design with the quality and traditions of crafts: Stylish watches for every occasion.

Hugo Junkers

Hugo Junkers

Hugo Junkers A series of high quality watches was made to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Professor Hugo Junkers, the greatest pioneer in the history of German aviation. In the spirit of the legendary JU52, this exclusive range of "Hugo Junkers" series chronographs marks a pioneering spirit, innovation and lasting value.

Cockpit JU52

Cockpit JU52

The JU 52 cockpit with fascinating displays and tools is still a very special attraction for today's man. The same fascination with the Cockpit JU 52 series is through the gentle cockpit-style dial with a very sporty case.

Spitzbergen F13

Junkers Spitzbergen F13

1000 kilometers of the northern ice world The Spitzbergen series honors the adventurous flight of the Junkers F13 through the northern ice world under extreme conditions in the Arctic. Watches in this series meet the highest demands due to the high quality of their components. Clock for true adventurers.

Dessau 1926 Flatline

Junkers Dessau 1926 Flatline

The Dessau 1926 Flatline series refers to the productive collaboration between Huge Junkers and the famous Bauhaus artists such as Marcel Breuer. The extra flat watch fits snugly against the wrist and even slides smoothly under the cuff. Timeless elegance corresponds to a high wearing comfort.

Eisvogel Lady

Junkers Eisvogel Lady

The female version of the successful "Eisvogel" series displays its elegant side. The classic sophisticated case was made in a popular 36mm ladies size. The ornithic dial is a top example of craftmanship. Swarovski's fine crystals and colorful accents underline the female charm of these watches.

Expedice Jižní Amerika Lady

Junkers Expedition Südamerika Lady

Classically elegant women's watches represent a new look for tradition and style. They are decorated with especially female materials, such as pearl and diamond applications in Swarovski crystals. The Arabesque style embellish the elegant style of these watches, which come in both chronograph and small seconds.

Bauhaus Lady

Junkers Bauhaus Lady

Strongly arched crystal and dial with elegant simplicity perfectly represent Bauhaus's aesthetics. Some special models have Swarovski crystals for a special female touch. Perfect watch for a modern and stylish woman.