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Jewelry MORESS

Jewelry as individual as you are.

Moress collection

The name "Moress" comes from a foreign word that translates as "peacock". This noble bird symbolizes beauty, elegance, prosperity, and love.

On the contrary, in ancient history, it has a slightly different meaning, which denotes immortality, because it can poison the poison and transform it into remarkable fine feathers. These are the features Moress, especially beauty and strength.

Moress focuses on the handmade craftsmanship of sterling silver with high-quality processing and every year will surprise you with new collections where you will find bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings and much more.

Already since 1976 Feminine Jewelry produces beautiful jewelry, despite the very good know-how, it continually improves the processes and methods of production in order to achieve the best possible quality of the finished product. The brand itself, which produces bracelets and pendants Moress was created in 2010. You can find branch offices around the world.

Assemble your bracelet Moress - jewelry as individual as you are.

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