Watches Luminox XB.3729.ECO
Watches Luminox XB.3729.ECOWatches Luminox XB.3729.ECOWatches Luminox XB.3729.ECOWatches Luminox XB.3729.ECOWatches Luminox XB.3729.ECOWatches Luminox XB.3729.ECOWatches Luminox XB.3729.ECOWatches Luminox XB.3729.ECOWatches Luminox XB.3729.ECOWatches Luminox XB.3729.ECOWatches Luminox XB.3729.ECOWatches Luminox XB.3729.ECOWatches Luminox XB.3729.ECOWatches Luminox XB.3729.ECOWatches Luminox XB.3729.ECOWatches Luminox XB.3729.ECOWatches Luminox XB.3729.ECOWatches Luminox XB.3729.ECO

Watches Luminox XB.3729.ECO

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The Luminox XB.3729.ECO watch represents a very important 'survival rule 3' that outdoor adventurers must follow. These rules show the priorities in which one must ensure to survive extreme conditions. The rules are also printed on the detachable sleeve and attached to the strap as a reminder. The Bear Grylls operates according to these survival priorities and Rule 3 is a clear guide for him in times of great stress. Simple rules, simple things are the easiest to remember in these difficult times. The watch is designed in striking blue and orange with an emphasis on "3" with enlarged numerals illuminated by Super-Luminova technology.

Bear Grylls Survival Rule 3

The rule of three. There are a whole lot of them. The Latin phrase omne trium perfectum means "everything in three is perfect," and the rule of three exists in writing, in comedy, and even when it comes to bad luck, which supposedly comes in threes. Humans process information through pattern recognition, so the rule of three exists in survival as well, emphasizing the need to focus on the most important priorities.

Thanks to Bear Grylls, Luminox has expanded the rule of three to include the priority of finding shelter in harsh conditions. Grylls knows that when you get your priorities wrong, people die. Luminox has always tried to equip people for any conditions. Now introducing Rule 3 for survival with Bear Grylls.

Survival Rule 3:

Here is the breakdown of this rule - the situation and the time you can survive without it:

Air 3 minutes

Shelter 3 hours

Water 3 days

Food 3 weeks

To emphasize the importance of the Rule of 3 for survival, Bear Grylls X Luminox has developed a special limited edition watch (333 pieces for the entire world) that includes a special removable case on a strap with the Rule of 3 depicted on it, so you can keep it with you at all times. The watch itself is made of durable and lightweight CARBONOX™ material with a unidirectional bezel. This watch is water resistant enough to 200 meters so you can take it anywhere, and it's specially colored in blue and orange to make it stand out. The Rule 3 is highlighted by a large and highly visible "3" that is coated in luminescent material, so it will remind you of it even in absolute darkness. Of course, the watch uses Luminox Light Technology, which allows visibility in low or no light conditions and never has to rely on an external light source. Each watch is individually numbered and comes with a special certificate to confirm its limited edition status.

Every second counts

Survival means being constantly alert and honing your ability to always make wise, smart, rational and calm decisions. Bear Grylls lives by and follows these survival priorities, and the rule of three is a clear guide for him and everyone else in times of great stress. In a crisis, it is the simple things that are easiest to remember.

All watches in the Bear Grylls Adventure Collection feature the Bear Grylls logo and his motto "Never Give Up" on the dial, and a special two-tone case decorated with Grylls' signature "Never Give Up" in bright orange. "Never Give Up" is an essential attitude for survival in any conditions. According to Grylls, whether you make it out alive will depend largely on you - your attitude and your actions. Watches from the Bear Grylls Adventure Collection are designed to help you survive. As an adventurer, this watch will be your loyal companion and help you conquer any conditions. These special details combine with the legendary ability of Luminox watches to perform in extreme situations, making the partnership with Bear Grylls perfect in every way. Even Luminox's motto, EverySecondCounts, fits flawlessly with Grylls' motto Never Give Up .

The watch case, lunette and strap are made from 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic.

Replacement strap Luminox FPX.2405.35Q.K

The watch strap is made of natural NBR rubber. It has a pitch of 24 mm and can be put on any watch with the same width.

Category watches
Warranty24 months
Weight76 g
Dial colourBlack
Dial typeAnalog
Made inŠvýcarsko
Case Size42 mm
Dial lightingLuminox Light Technology
Strap colorOrange
Case height14 mm
Clasp colorOrange
Strap modelFNX.2405.35Q
Strap width24 mm
Model seriesBear Grylls
Case Material#TIDE Material
Machine modelRonda 515 H
Clasp materialSteel
Glass materialCrystal
Strap materialNBR
Running accuracy-10/+20 s / měsíc
Water Resistance200 m
Date indicator
Screw crown
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